8 Cute and Stylish Free Crochet Dresses Pattern Design Ideas

#1 Shore Thing Dress Crochet Pattern

If you use a unique crochet technique combined with perfect yarn, then you can easily create a high fashion crochet dress. This dress uses hair clip lace which is easy to learn and makes an eye catching design. It is embroidered using a silk blend thread for an elegant luxurious crochet fashion. Here is another crochet dress pattern that uses some unique techniques. It includes broomstick lace, a stunning openwork technique. Also includes Tunisian crochet. These two techniques enhance the other basic crochet stitches. The result is a truly original crochet fashion you can be proud to wear anywhere.

Use any size hook to get your prey.

The instructions are for the X-Small / Small size. Changes for the Medium / Large, X-Large / 2X-Large and 3X-Large / 4X-Large sizes are in parentheses.

To fit bust: 30-34 (36-42, 44-50, 52-58) “76-86.5 (91.5-106.5, 112-127, 132-147.5) cm

Finished Bust / Hips: 42 (48, 56, 65) ”106.5 (122, 142, 165) cm, after lockdown.

Finished Length: 36 (37, 38, 39) “91.5
(94, 96.5, 99) cm.

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