37+ Cute and Stylish Free Crochet Dresses Pattern Design Ideas

I’m excited to announce my new free crochet pattern: the single-neck dress. This dress has a fitted bodice with a nice collar and a wide (slightly oversized) skirt. And the interesting thing: it can be done with almost any wire!

Download the free sample or buy the ad-free PDF version of this template from Etsy and Ravelry. The PDF is for printing and you can support me!

I wanted to create a crochet dress for beginners with beautiful elegant details. I chose a collar that gives this simple dress a chic look. I used a new technique that may seem difficult, but is actually very simple and suitable for beginners.

The collar is composed of simple crocheted stitches and the dress itself is half double crochet stitch. I used a gradient cake to add a nice color effect, but you can create it with any other type of combed yarn. Just make sure the reader is close to the drive shown below.

The dress is ideal for hot summer days, but also for autumn and winter, when you add extra layers. I made a second version of this dress for Christmas (red and black colors). I think it’s also a perfect dress for the holidays!

This crochet dress has a classic cut with a positive lightness. The top has a comfortable fit slightly larger than the average chest. The lower part is slightly oversized, creating a beautiful case. If you’re looking for a more tailored dress, take a look at my Simple Dress To Impress.

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