7 New Amigurumi Amazing Crochet Pattern Design Ideas and Images

#1 Sweet Bunnies Free Amigurumi Crochet Pattern

Basically, you should know how to make frequent needles with crochet knitting. After you learn this, you will start your knitting in accordance with the given recipes, and shape your toy by increasing or decreasing loops where necessary. You can find videos and annotated recipes on the Internet. If you don’t know how to make frequent needles, our video below can help you.

Hey, fellas. When we say amigurumi bunny, I think we can think of you now. We share a lot of free rabbit patterns :). I’m here again with a rabbit today.
In fact, this will be the second rabbit. The first one was a bit of a model. In fact, when you look at the dimensions, it is 2 cm smaller than the amigurumi. However, since its body structures are different, it looks very small, although long.
These rabbits are a little chubby. I think these are attractive to kids a little older. Don’t forget to make different dresses after completing the amigurumi. Let your child see these amigurumis.
It will have a different game purpose. My advice is to use the materials in the pattern. Make it easy for all of you.

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#2 Little sweet bunny Free Amigurumi Crochet Pattern

The first of these is a charming bunny with a length of 17cm. It has a pretty simple model. Thank you very much yulya_barinova who prepared this amigurumi pattern. She really set an example that everyone can make. It’s a little hard to find such examples.
Sometimes I remember my friends that I want to write again. The thread you use when making amigurumi is very important. If you don’t use a quality yarn, your amigurumi will be ugly and the color will fade very quickly. When you wash it when it gets dirty, it completely breaks down.
It never happens the way it used to. For longer use please use a good yarn. If you come to Amigurumiye, you can find the details in the sample section. I’d be glad the accompanying friends shared amigurumi’s painting with me.
The wonderful baby Amigurumi is a hare in a Yulia Barinova sun dress. To make a bunny, the author used a 2.0mm hook and a YarnArt Jeans yarn. You’ll also need black eye beads, a plastic nose and a filling. The sun dress is not removed: the skirt is tied to the body, and the yoke to the skirt. The height of the finished toy is about 17 cm.

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#3 Koala Free Amigurumi Crochet Pattern

It is an animal that is especially famous for its free sleep all day long. In fact, it is not preferred as amigurumi. The most important reason for this is that it is not a known animal. As a natural environment, you can only live on the Australian continent. Although I don’t know much about it, I think it’s about evolution.
Like kangaroos, they evolved there millions of years ago. Anyway, let’s leave the scientific issues to us scientists :). Let’s keep talking about amigurumi. Yes, folks, it’s very difficult to knit amigurumi. But when you complete, you’ll have a very nice amigurumi.
In this way, it is quite difficult to find patterns for free. So thank you so much for #bumbee_crochet. You can communicate with her via Instagram. She shares very nice and free amigurumi-free patterns. I share the materials necessary to complete the amigurumi in the end, I hope you liked it.
Finally, if you finish knitting the amigurumi, please share your photo with me. I love you all.

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#4 Teddy Bear Free Amigurumi Crochet Pattern

First of all, welcome to my blog. I continue to share beautiful amigurumi free patterns. First of all, I would like to thank Dariya Baysh for sharing today. You can reach her at “@dariya_baysh” on Instagram. She is a very talented designer.
The amigurumis she does are very nice and he also likes to use soft yarns. If you have a predisposition in this way, I suggest you follow her. They may have great shares that escaped our attention.
We have talked about bears many times before. Bears are a very familiar animal. It is one of the first animals it knows, especially after our children start to recognize animals. Especially in television programs or videos, we can see a lot of cute bears.
Even though television is not watched much now, there are plenty of youtube videos. I had a bear yogi in my childhood. I loved it very much. Of course, the characters are not that simple anymore. Characters that are much more lifelike, realistic and appeal to children’s imagination are created. If we come to the amigurumi, it is made using a very cute soft yarn.

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#5 Sleeping sheep Free Amigurumi Crochet Pattern

Hey, fellas. Welcome to my blog. Today I shared two amigurumi-free patterns for you. Both of my employer today are very pretty sheep. I have been writing this blog for 14 days and have not yet shared any sheep amigurumi patterns.
Actually, there’s a little hopelessness about whether to leave the blog on me. It’s been 14 days since I started writing and no one has visited me so far :). Of course, this is a joke. I think I’ll catch up with you while I keep writing.
Anyway, I’m no longer selfish. As you can see in the images, today I am sharing the second free pattern for amigurumi. She’s a very pretty model. Designed by Olga Lukoshkina. Thanks a lot. Because he shares such a beautiful pattern for free.
It is very difficult to find such messages. I’m trying to fix you as much as I can. By the way, most of the patterns are in Russian. I translated these using google translate. I’d be very happy if you didn’t look at my guilt in this regard.

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#6 Lovely sheep Free Amigurumi Crochet Pattern

Hey, fellas. Welcome to my blog. In today’s article, I’ll share two amigurumi-free patterns with you. Lyudmila Orlova is the creator of the first. Thank you very much, she’s a very talented designer.
I’ll share your and instagram profile under this topic. Design high quality and great amigurumis. I suggest you follow her. I think this amigurumi model of sheep is my first sheep amigurumi share. So I’m a little excited and can’t find much to write.
It actually looks like a simple model. But it looks quite cute due to the quality of the yarn you use and the harmony of the sample. Designing an amigurumi is like painting. Small touches cause big changes.
This may be in a good direction, in a bad direction. It’s about your artist spirit. So when making these amigurumi don’t forget to make little touches that express yours.
This will improve your design spirit. If you can knit an amigurumi, you’re a talented person. If we get to the amigurumi now, like the real sheep, his body and head are woven with soft thread. This created a very nice image.

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#7 Dog Free Amigurumi Crochet Pattern

I’m here today to share the second free amigurumi pattern with you. First of all, welcome to my blog, folks. How are you doing? I’m going to share an amigurumi model that’s not preferable to you today. However, this model is very different from falls.
Especially with its appearance, it’s really a step ahead. It looks pretty fancy when it’s over. Of course, rope quality is also important in this. As you can see in the image, today I will share with you the model dog amigurumi. I hope you liked the photo and downloaded the sample.
Dogs are a family of many different species. They can be very scary, they’re very cute. Of course we love dogs that are cute :). In fact, dogs are all beautiful. It’s about who raised these dogs. The room will be like raising your dog.
Families with children generally prefer more docile dogs. I recommend knitting this wonderful cheerleader for families who don’t have dogs at home :). It’ll be about 30 cm in size when you’re done. A pretty big amigurumi.
I especially liked that he has a sleeping cap. Of course, the eyes are in sleep mode. The Buddha makes the character very cute. I think his character is pretty realistic.

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