40+ Best Summer Free Swimwear and Bikini Crochet Patterns and Images

Summer is coming, it’s time to go to the beach or sunbathe by the pool. We take our crochet hooks and make funny, sexy and beautiful crochet bikinis with free crochet bikini models!

Although some are not the best option to wear in water, no doubt it will look absolutely amazing in your crochet bikini.

Crochet bikinis will keep you entertained in the sun. The best thing about your bikini is that you can choose the color, design and shape that fits your body. You can give free rein to your creativity by adding pearls, tassels, fringes and flowers. The possibilities are endless!

You can combine bikinis with a vintage style, a bohemian look (boho) or something more modern, the choice is yours!

So I had the crazy idea of ​​doing something for me … something summer … like a bikini! Unless I temporarily forgot that I was about thirty-five and I could never come up with such a thing from the HAHA! But I thought I’d post the tutorial anyway for those of you that feel good about showing some skin. Now I’ll do crochet hats for children again

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