40+ Stylish Free Crochet Top Pattern Design Ideas and Images

Crochet top models from Whistle and Ivy! Thank you for all your support in 2018 and I hope you will be able to deliver fantastic crochet clothing for you in 2019 as well. I look forward to your further actions and your support! Happy New Year! Was it me or flying in 2018? We had crazy moments with my husband’s work (we practically squatted all summer) and unexpectedly moved to a new home in the fall. This year has worked very well and just a bit of inconvenience, which I think we can hope for.

I took some time off during the holidays to set my personal and corporate goals and keep them visible so that I could see them every day (did you already do that ???) as I do it every year, succeeded me to see which of my 2018 goals I met and what goals I fell on. I have achieved a very important goal in 2018, but I have not reached some of the small ones, but I intend to make 2019 the most fabulous year!

{Also in this year’s holidays I fell a bit flat, so I plan to deliver twice in 2019! My list is a mile long and I will realize all my ideas (Hello Nativity animals!)}

I’ve reviewed my analysis to decide which models from 2018 are the most popular, and I admit, some have surprised me, but I’m happy and grateful for your support and love.

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