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45 FREE Crochet Hat Patterns ideas and images for Every Season 2019

Learn how to make your own cute crocheted hat with this free crochet hat pattern! This model has a ribbed edge, a shell-stitched body and a soft pom topper. Initially, I shared this project with Crafts Unleashed, and this article could include affiliate links that allow me to earn a small commission at no extra cost to you.

I think in some parts of the world it’s still cold and cold. I see pictures of snow, ice skating, etc. Even if the temperature today is ridiculous at 70 ° F, I think I’m still able to post a hook model in cold weather? ?? Right I hope so because we are here!

The good news is that this hat is really cute in my opinion. It really has all my crochet hat features – ribbed edge, textured stitch, loose fit and pom topper! I love everything This hat is worked from the bottom up and the model should work well for intermediate hooks.

Oh my god … I’m so happy to inform you that in a few weeks I’m going to New York for the Lion Brand Yarn Blogger event! (Read more later) In anticipation of the big apple, I wanted to make a classic hat that I could wear in cold weather in town. Black is perfect for almost anything and as time approaches, I wanted to crochet (it’s a little faster than knitting for me), but I wanted it to have that cool knit look. What I like about this hat is the stretch and comfort of the ribbed fabric, as well as the fact that it looks knit. This idea was inspired by a Christmas shopping at REI (an outdoor shop if you’re unfamiliar), where I saw a super cute and chunky hat with that ribbed look. REI’s was white, but I wanted to do my black, so it fits everything and shows no dirt. Plus, it’s just a good classic color.

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