45+ Wonderful Crochet Blanket Pattern Ideas and Designs

Crochet blankets are a popular choice for embroiderers because of their versatility. They can be manufactured in any stitch pattern, in any weight of yarn, in almost any size. All crochet blankets will keep you warm and feel good while you build them and when you use them. The fifteen models of crochet blankets here show the variety and possibilities inherent in this type of project.

Some of the most popular models of crochet carpets are striped patterns, and a preferred variation in this regard is the chevron band. This free model highlights this classic design with bright and bold colors. This is called gay ripple blanket, and you will experience exultation as soon as you start working on it. This is a project designed for fun!

For a really fun touch on the chevron strip, learn to do it using an angled hook. This free baby blanket template teaches you how. The design is one that you can easily develop to make other deck sizes. The thick texture is very comfortable, while the design is super chic.

Crochet designer Amanda Perkins has tremendous talent when it comes to combining shapes and colors to create the most comfortable cover. This one, sold by Ravelry, is a colorful zig-zag built with hooked triangles. This is a variant of the chevron strips illustrated above, made much more unique. Addressing this model is an exciting challenge.

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