10 Quick And Easy FREE Crochet Blanket Patterns For Beauty Homes!

#1 Bauhaus Blanket Free Crochet Pattern

Take crochet striped blankets to the next level with this beautiful drawer rack-inspired design. Rickrack shapes are created using various cluster stitches. This crochet blanket is colorful and contains lots of fun stitches, so crochet is a real joy. This blanket makes a great baby shower gift. One of the most beautiful crochet blanket designs is this one made from textural crochet roses. Playing with colors will add your perspective on this unique design. Create them all in one color, in Valentine-inspired colors as shown in the original design, or in a whole sea of different colors.

The Bauhaus was an art school in Germany that combined fine arts with craftsmanship. The Bauhaus’ style and design principles are based on a minimalist approach that features clean lines with bold and simple coloration.

The clean lines of this blanket deceive the eye with its interrupted diagonals and squares of different sizes. Using only simple knitting techniques and two colors, the blanket consists of 63 mitred squares in two sizes: 10cm/4″ and 20cm/8″. The whole is bordered by a deep border. The league stitch makes it a hot blanket.

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#2 Sable Chunky Blanket Free Crochet Pattern

Snuggle up by the fireplace with sablé Chunky’s Launch! This modern textured blanket is the perfect winter crochet project! Cozy, thick and topped with tassels, the Sablé blanket has 13 different sizes ranging from beloved to baby blanket and all the way to a King bed blanket if you want a huge throw!

The sample in the photos is the size of lapghan which is perfect for snuggled up on the couch or as a gift to a loved one! You can also add thick yarn tassels for a touch of whimsy or leave them out for an aerodynamic look 🙂 it’s entirely up to you!

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#3 Mountain Hideaway Blanket Free Crochet Pattern

I love being near a blanket or pulling to read a book, watch an old movie or just have a cup of tea!
Crochet this launch of chevron loop point which is just the right size to stay warm while snuggled up on the couch.
Perfect for intermediate crocheters or safe beginners looking for an interesting textured crochet blanket project.
This pattern uses a double-maintained worn weight thread to make a warm, snuggled throw. The use of a color throughout the project makes it a modern look, while the stripes on the crochet bow points add a touch of vintage retro.

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#4 Make Waves Blanket Free Crochet Pattern

Let caron Cotton Cakes’ automatic striped effect make all the color for you in this entertaining crochet blanket with soft color waves. Once set, this 2-row repeat pattern is easy to memorize and fun to crochet. We’ve used a cool tone, but the pattern would be just as eye-catching in any tone you select. The blanket is finished with a generous stripe that lengthens the appearance for extra impact. It is a great project for the practice of Bargello crochet, double crochet and fringe techniques.

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#5 Tranquil Tides Blanket Free Crochet Pattern

Make this beautiful thick wavy blanket at no time at all using a super bulky weight thread and a large hook. This blanket was designed to use a single Caron Anniversary Cake, but other super bulky weight threads can be replaced. Fast, easy and accessible for beginners, it will become a reference pattern for when you need a blanket to give away in an instant. Although accessible to beginners, the pattern is interesting enough to keep experienced crochet engaged and crocheted along happily.

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#6 C2C Barn Quilt Blanket Free Crochet Pattern

A free version of this pattern is available here
Inspired by the colorful barn quilts dotted with Midwest outbuildings, this C2C blanket combines rustic elements and graphics into a single blanket.
The PDF provides written instructions and printable graphics for three blanket sizes:
41″ x 55″
53″ x 68″
53″ x 53″
This pattern assumes the basic knowledge of the c2c technique.

Supplies needed
WeCrochet Brava Worsted, 218 yards/skein, 100% premium acrylic, amounts written as (small) full-size release
C1 (Dove Heather) – (3) 8 skeins
C2 (Brindle) – (2) 4 skeins
C3 (Wine) – (1) 3 skeins
C4 (Heather cobblestone) – (1) 2 skeins
C5 (Denim) – (1) 2 skeins
US H/5mm crochet hook, or size needed to meet the meter
Damn Needle

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#7 Slanty Granny Sofa Blanket Free Crochet Pattern

Beautiful and beautiful crochet blanket in Lollipop yarn consisting of 20% wool and 80% acrylic. This yarn is perfect for beautiful and tight sofa blankets like this. The blanket is crocheted in the granny aslant which is a very simple pattern and technique. The amazing color combinations of the Lollipop thread add a beautiful color and striped game to the pattern and you don’t even have to knit at many ends after each color transition.

Crochet Hook Size J/10 (6mm)
Hobbii Lollipop

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#8 College stripe Blanket Free Crochet Pattern

This blanket is what I dreamed of as my perfect blanket to take to a Friday night football game or to put in a college student’s bed. I chose red, white and blue because it reminds me of fresno State football games and the massive tail parties I’ve remembered since childhood. Of course, this blanket can be adapted to any school color and is the right side to fit a double bed (UK only).
At the bottom of this pattern I have listed other color options in Paintbox threads to support different school teams.
This pattern is suitable for beginners, involves almost no counting and has a lovely pace when you get going so you can do it while you have a relaxing night. The only challenge is to get on with a big project.

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#9 Nautical Stripes Blanket Free Crochet Pattern

This wonderful crochet blanket pattern uses the wrinkled iron stitch for a subtle, textured design. The iron stitch is easy to make, using only single crochet and double crochet. Working with Bernat Freesia you will make an easy repetition of a row that allows you to focus on creating the relaxing green and blue striped pattern that results in a classic nautical-inspired look. The texture of this soft, bulky yarn creates an attractive fabric that’s perfect for hugging, so you’re sure to become a favorite in the family room!

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#10 Cable Texture Blanket Free Crochet Pattern

For this amazing knit blanket, we’ve selected a multi-shaded thread to create the perfect fall accent for the home! Sewn into Bernat Symphony, linear textures are worked on ribbed horseshoe cable panels for a soft, soft blanket. Woven in one piece, ribbed cable panels alternate with medium stitch panels for the overall final design. Customize the color of the yarn, and this is a blanket you can enjoy any season!

Materials: Size U.S. 11 (8 mm) circular knitting needle 29″ 74 cm long, Cable needle

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