70+ Amazing and Stylish Crochet Cardigan Pattern Ideas

Crochet is much more versatile than you ever imagined! Clothing is mostly associated with knitwear, but in recent years so many beautiful cardigans have been designed. If you need a warm and cuddly sweater for fall or a light and fresh top for sunny days, here are 15 free crochet patterns for knitted cardigans that I love!
For a long time I thought that learning the crochet of a pullover should be this amazing process of counting, gaining and losing weight just to get something that goes into the thrift store. Guys, I was wrong.

Crocheting a pullover is a bit like following a recipe. The template informs you about every step of the process, and your task is to perform these steps in sequence. Well, the Northern Cardigan is a very simple recipe.

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