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I know we’re in the middle / at the end of the summer, so it was a bit hot to wear my new Granny Squared crochet lace, since it was 100% merino wool, but I still had to to get a jacket because of the air crazy wearing conditioned in the office! This blouse worked very fast and provides the texture for an interesting basic shirt, without it becoming boring!

Since designing my first piece of clothing, the Kimono Kimberley waistcoat, the design of our everyday clothes has intrigued me. My sweater was built from one side to the other. The corresponding dress for baby was made in tube. Thinking about how to design the summer diamond child dress, I was inspired by the simple pillowcase dress, which consists of two rectangles sewn with holes for the head and arms. This Granny Squares t-shirt has the same idea.

I used Lion Brands LB Collection Superwash merino yarn for this project. Their LB collection is a line of yarn made of different natural fibers, bamboo, silk and washable merino wool. The wire itself was thinner and lighter than expected, although I’m not sure what I was really expecting because I do not often work with easy-to-wear yarns. At first, I wanted to make a blanket, but this thread is great for clothes and the drape of the shirt is fine. It is also very hot. Very very warm. The thread is light, but 3 balls made in a shirt, even with the lack of flexibility and the holes, create a warm and comfortable atmosphere.

I was so excited when Lion Brand Yarn asked me to design something for the new Twist Yarn ZZ. It is a pleasure to work with them. I really enjoy the ride and as a hook, it’s important to follow my hook. I wanted to create something that could be customized for each girl. I was thinking about my stay in Australia and in a small town called Townsville. This inspired this top.

The sleeves are inspired by the ball gown Cinderella and, thanks to this variation of the bouffant point, I was able to obtain the definition of the point and the dimension of the texture at the top. You can cut it or make it a standard length and make it yours!

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