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Beauty and Easy Crochet Baby Clothes for new 2019

Want to take a step forward in your crochet adventure and make a cute baby dress? Have you ever crocheted one and think it’s too complicated? So think again! There are fabulous models of easy and free baby dresses that will help you take a new step in making baby clothes.

I like doing these pretty outfits and I am always asked (usually at the last minute) if I can make a dress for a new baby. I have my favorite models that I use again and again. I wanted to put it aside to make it easier to find. As I was constantly being asked for links to crochet baby clothes, I thought it would be easier to put them on one page for all of you.

If you’re like me, you’re always looking for templates to find pages of broken and useless links. Well, I’m here to avoid the frustration of finding your next model. The crochet community has grown a lot in recent years and many designers are creating their own websites and hosting their own models. I love these freelance designers and bring you their fabulous work.

Please always visit and thank the individual designers for their generosity.

I am lucky to know many independent hooks and, as a person who writes his own templates, I know how much work it takes to write, test and produce a sample. Remember to read their terms of use and thank them for providing us with their free sample. More importantly, do not share their models. Instead, send your friends the link where they can see the pattern.

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