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11 Beauty and Easy Crochet Baby Clothes and Dresses

#1 Ava Baby Free Crochet Pattern

It’s fun to make a little crochet newborn dress, whether you’re first crafting or a hundredth. Every baby dress is a one-of-a-kind item, sewn with love. Any doll dressed in beautiful handmade clothes looks very precious and this dress will make the mother smile long after it has grown up and kept as a keepsake. Fifteen crochet dresses in this collection include a variety of colors and styles for different newborns. This simple sweet crochet dress is designed for the advanced beginner. Stitches are easy, and the colored yoke line adds liveliness. It is sized to fit from 0 months to 4 years. Make it as the first dress and keep making new ones as the baby grows or make a suitable dress for the older sister.

A small dress knitted from our Merci yarn, a wonderful blend of cotton and wool. The dress can be worn over a bodysuit with bare legs or with tights underneath and long sleeves. If the straps are knitted a little longer, only the buttons have to be moved so that the dress adapts to the size of the child.
A cute spencer in Merci, a wonderful combination of wool and cotton, for the little ones. Ava can be used with either a little bodystocking and bare legs, or with small stockings and a long-sleeved top. If the shoulder straps are extra long knit, all you have to do is move the buttons to extend the use of breaking.

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#2 Ruffle Yoke Baby Dress Free Crochet Pattern

Your little princess will surely take center of attention with this exquisite crochet dress with beautiful lace around the yoke. Sewn into rounds using Bernat Softee Baby, the flared body has a zig zag A pattern, while the yoke is performed in the broomstick crocheting technique. It’s a perfect dress for all upcoming baby social events!

Materials: U.S. knitted needle 19 (15 mm) of one size for Broomstick crochet technique. Stitch markers. 3 buttons.

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#3 Little sunshine tunic baby Free Crochet Pattern

This robe is made for a newborn girl. I think we all need some bright colors in our lives these days, so I decided to do it with a lovely peach. The measures are:
Chest circumference 44 cm
Length 34 cm
Width at the bottom 72 cm.

Any DK thread can be used for this project and only a 100g ball is required.
The robe is worked from the bottom up and later sealed to the sides. It can be done in the round too, but I personally am not a big fan of working on the round, don’t ask me why 🙂

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#4 Ruby Free Crochet Pattern

This toddler dress is knit top down. The collar is knit in rows and then closed with a small button (no buttonhole included; use a small enough button to fit through the knit stitches). It then moves into raglan sleeves. I opted for yarn over increases for a dainty feel. Once the body and sleeves are separated, knit a short bit for the lower bodice, then work a few rows of garter stitch for the waistband. Finally, work the skirt which is an A line design again utilizing yarn over increases every third row. There is a simple 3-over-3 cable pattern in the skirt as well. Sleeves can be knit at any point using DPNs, and are simply a single round of knit followed by an inch of rib.

Full disclosure: I tried to find people to test knit for me and didn’t get any takers, so this pattern hasn’t seen anyone’s eyes but mine until now. If there are any mistakes (which I don’t think there are, but you never know), please feel free to let me know so I can adjust them.

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#5 Baby dress Free Crochet Pattern

Dressed dress for crochet for girls by Katerina Mushin
With detailed diagrams and a video lesson.

Size: 1-3 months.
Materials: 2 yarn alize Diva (100% microfibre, 100 g/350 m.), hook 2.1 mm.

Dial 109 aerial loops, 5 front row air loops.
Knit 1-15 rows of coquettes on the scheme.
In total we have 36 rapports wide, divide them as: 5 rapports for 1/2 back, 8 rapports for the sleeve, 10 rapports for the front, 8 rapports for the second sleeve, 5 rapports for 1/2 backs.
Continue knitting in a pattern only for the loops of the front and back, instead of loops of the sleeves to dial 8 per/p (2 per/p pattern q 10 per/p).
For the skirt repeat 19-20 rows.
Then we will infam the last series of the scheme – a row with pico.
Perform a strapping of the back and neck as on the circuit.

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#6 Mixed Media Knit Dress Free Crochet Pattern

This pattern for an adorable sun dress for young mixed-media children is weeded using Bernat Softee Baby Cotton yarn and features short sleeves and a subtle seed stitch pattern. The collected skirt is made of 100% cotton print fabric and joins the bodice with duct tape (optional) and a simple seam of a sewing machine – although you could also hand sew the skirt if desired.

I love this dress because it is so simple and quick to create and looks very cute. The bodice only takes a few hours to knit, and if you’re using a sewing machine, the skirt can be created in about an hour as well.

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#7 Ruffle Collar Dress Free Crochet Pattern

Your little princess looks like a doll in this attractive knit dress with a ruffle collar design. Bernat Softee Baby makes it ultra soft while knitting this garment in round, top to bottom. You’ll work simple raglan boosts before dividing into the adorable sleeves and boosting for a slightly swollen party look! The rich ruffled collar is collected and weeded at the end. It is a great pattern for practicing point, purl, magnification, simple form, collect points and more.

Materials: Size U.S. 6 (4 mm) circular knitted needles 16″ 40.5 cm and 29″ 74 cm long. Set of double-point needles of 4 sizes U.S. 6 (4 mm). 4 stitch markers. Hook and eye closure.

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#8 Girls dress Brigitte Free Crochet Pattern

Hook: 4,5 mm / G
Yarn: 300 gram / 10 oz. Aran (medium 10 ply) (300 gr = 720 meter)
Knitgauce: 18 x 28 (10×10 cm/4 x 4 inch)
Button (as flat as possible)

ch = chain
sl st = slip stitch
sc = single crochet
hdc = half double crochet
dc = double crochet

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#9 Popcorn Candy baby Dress Free Crochet Pattern

The pattern is written with us terms.
The dress is worked from top to bottom. Then we fix the thread back to the top to work the shoulder straps
Let’s work mostly on rounds without sliding stitches so you should put a stitch marker on the last stitch of each round. So you can keep track of the first stitch in each round.

Top 10 cm square 17 total points (alternating between a sc point and a popcorn point) and 14 rows.
Bottom: 10 cm square 17 points and 13 rows alternating between two sc and two hdc.
I made this pattern with measurements so you can do it with any thread you want and get the right size. However, I included the meter if you want to achieve exactly the same look and texture.

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#10 Dara Dress Free Crochet Pattern

Dara Dress is a simple but beautiful knit, comes in 3 sizes from toddler to toddler, its fabric in soft squishy yarn, top down with raglan augmentations and a lace skirt.
I have a video tutorial to help with this pattern, you can find it on my youtube channel here:
I hope you enjoy knitting, please send me your pictures.
Happy fabric,

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#11 Baby Girl Meadow Cardigan Dress Free Crochet Pattern

The Meadow Cardigan Dress is a charming addition to any girl’s wardrobe. It is perfect for spring and summer seasons. It can be used as a short-sleeved cardigan sweater with the opening at the front, or vice versa with the opening buttoned at the back like a dress. This particular design features a beautiful lace pattern with a sweet and simple trim bordering the main color. As a relatively fast and easy-to-work pattern, you will have fun crocheting this special handmade gift for your little one, or as a sentimental and sincere newborn baby shower gift for a expecting mother! I’m sure you’ll be treasured for years to come!

The PDF pattern file includes instructions to guide you through the entire cardigan confimentation process and includes numerous photographic references and clear, written instructions.

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