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11 Easy, Modern Four Season FREE Crochet Shawl Pattern Images for 2019

#1 Simple Things Shawl Free Crochet Pattern

The crochet shawl is the perfect product for all seasons of the year. An openwork shawl can be an ideal swimsuit cover in the summer, while an oversized shawl can keep your neck warm even on the coldest days of winter. There are many different ways to crochet a shawl, including different styling options such as triangle shawls and rectangular shawls. These 10 free crochet shawl patterns will help you explore all the ways to warm up with wraps. Here is a free crochet pattern for a unique colorful triangle shawl that you can now make using your yarn. This stashbuster project offers a great way to practice packaging without having to buy new materials. Most people have a wide range of colors in their yarn store, so this free crochet pattern provides a great way to make a shawl with many shades of the rainbow. It is definitely a fun and easy crochet pattern that serves as a great starting point for shawl crochet.

Simple Things reflects my love for a simple life, surrounded by family, nature, good books and the smell of baking bread in the oven. The semicircular shape of the shawl allows the simple lace pattern, and the gradation of natural-dyed colors to wave like soft music. The progression of colors and stitches will keep you knitting in!

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#2 Tunisian Fade Shawl Free Crochet Pattern

The Tunisian molten shawl is a wonderful project for beginners because it only uses a stitch and simple color changes at the ends of the rows to create a beautiful “faded” effect.
This shawl is so light, cozy, snuggled and soft with MM Ultra Mellowspun DK yarn.
U.S. Terminology
76″ long and 18.5″ wide (less fringes)

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#3 Rantakivet Shawl Free Crochet Pattern

With a variety of different stitch patterns, the Rantakivet scarf is weeded using the otoñal tones of the Novita Venla yarn.
Novita Syksy 2020 -lehti (in Finnish)
Pattern N:o in 17th magazine
Intermediate skill level

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#4 Altenkirchen Shawl Free Crochet Pattern

Width, long side: about 200 cm
Angled sides: about 135 and 150 cm

Pattern information
Altenkirchen is the perfect project for the new 3er. The shawl starts at one corner and then increases in each other row.
It works flat on a 5mm circular needle, or the size you need to fit the point meter mentioned above.
Note that the measurements given above are approximations. Your shawl may end up slightly different in size.
Works on color stripes A and B (remember that color B is two threads worked together).

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#5 Aurora Shawl Free Crochet Pattern

The Aurora is a simple triangular shawl that features Granny’s stitch (one of my absolute favorite points), steak rows and a beautiful feminine border. It will make sure to keep you warm (and it will look cute!) when I use you as a scarf and will keep the cold on your shoulders when I use you as a shawl.
This transition piece is versatile and goes great with any outfit… casual or elegant. Put it on a nice dress to add a romantic touch or pair it with your favorite jeans, T-shirt and boots for an elegant, ready look.
This is a great pattern to use all those junk threads you’re accumulating to make a really retro-looking Aurora.

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#6 Simple Slanting Shawl Free Crochet Pattern

This is a cozy scarf for a cold day. Works quickly with a worn weight thread. The simple pattern shows the yarn hand and beautifully degraded threads. The length is variable, so you can keep knitting until the end of that special skein.

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#7 Holiday Sweets Shawl Free Crochet Pattern

A simple yet elegant accessory, the Holiday Sweets Shawl is the perfect cozy wrap. It can be made to match any palette.
This beginner-friendly shawl is also quick to work with. The Holiday Sweets shawl is a rectangular, flat-worked wrapper. It consists of 5 sections; each worked on a main color and an accent color. The pattern uses only single and double crochet, making it accessible to a beginner or an experienced crochet.

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#8 Douro Shawl Free Crochet Pattern

This is a large shawl, wraparound and thought of as sweater. Tie it at the waist with a knot and you’ll get your hands free to keep working. This shawl is inspired by that, in working women. Women who combine so well the delicacy of the hands to work an income, with the hardness of work in the field. It was designed to combine the lightness of the lace with its utilitarian wear function. You can wear it with a dress at a party, or put it around your waist while you work. It’s always beautiful!

The combination of Douro yarn and Aurora yarn is perfect. Combining, once again, a rustic wool with the noble fibers of the aurora’s noble and mohair, taking advantage of the best of each of the yarns.

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#9 Granny Square Shawl Free Crochet Pattern

This crochet shawl pattern is created as a standalone design with Lion Brand Yarn, which means I’ve received your thread to create this pattern. That also means that you may find this pattern that appears on your website at some point.
This crochet pattern is perfect for autumn, thinking the colder nights or using it to keep you cozy in front of the fire.
Use the Noria barn pattern together with the flat sliding stitch joint to create a beautiful crochet shawl.

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#10 Kauai Dream Shawl Free Crochet Pattern

Whenever I’ve been lucky enough to visit Hawaii, I always fantasize about quitting my job (which I love) and moving there, buying a small piece of land, and spending my days eating tropical fruits we grew up, raising chickens, angora bunnies and Pygoras, and maybe running a small coffee/yarn shop. My husband and I were supposed to go to Kauai with my parents this spring, but we canceled our plans because of the pandemic. Using a sikein from Maui Yarns fingering weight that I picked up a couple of years ago, I designed this shawl to remind me of the beautiful waters and lush tropical foliage, and to dream of time at some point in the future when we will not only be able to travel again, but also reunite with their loved ones.

This asymmetrical triangle works seamlessly in one piece, incorporating a wave edge, a profusion of ferns and leaves, and a lace pattern reminiscent of both the waves and scales of a fish. The growing edge features an ordered 3-point laminated edge that looks almost identical to the I-cord loop. Optional beads glow on the crest of each wave along the slightly staggered edge, and highlight the bobble in the central pattern of the leaf. It is designed for any single 100 g. fingering weight skein, and the size can be easily adjusted by the number of rows worked.

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#11 Le Chale Shawl Free Crochet Pattern

This is an asymmetrical crochet shawl. It can be done in any size according to your thread and preferences. In the pattern I give you two different thread suggestions to choose from (you don’t need two different threads), but you can replace it.

The indicator above is for the DK shawl. I used a DK thread cake for one version and two small balls of 50 g of the fingering weight for the other.

If you have any questions about how to follow the pattern, I made 2 videos showing how to do it, one in French, one in Portuguese. You could take a look at one of them just to see how the dots are made. I hope you enjoy this project! I can’t wait to see your pictures!

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