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10 Glamour Women Crochet Sweater Pattern Images 2019

#1 Henry Street Jumper Free Sweater Crochet Pattern

A few years ago I had never knitted a sweater. Over the years I knit from other people’s patterns several times, but the crochet sweater world was alien to me. When I entered the magical crochet sweater land – and especially when I designed my own free crochet sweater patterns – I realized that these could be totally cool, easy to make, and generally MUCH faster than knitting a sweater! (You can find all my free crochet sweater patterns here!) Now that I have set up, free crochet sweater patterns are definitely my favorite design. If you mix the list below, you will find that there is a really sweet place in my heart for crochet cardigans, but you will also find crochet ponchos, sweaters, sweaters and shrug patterns.

Have you always admired the beautifully textured wires and popcorn in traditional woven Arans? Get the same heirloom look and quality in this crochet version! Superwash merino yarn ensures a soft, luxurious feel and warmth. This jumper is sure to become your favorite piece of clothing for the fall and winter seasons!

This sweater is made in four pieces: back, front and two sleeves with a very simple shape. Its ribbed collar is added at the end.

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#2 Midtown Mantle Mock Free Sweater Crochet Pattern

Elevate while being complimented by this side button top that features a traditional braided cable pattern along with a feather fan pattern that mixes things up! Functional and fabulous, this cozy layering piece will add just the right amount of awesomeness to your cool-weather wardrobe.
Midtown Mantle is worked from the bottom up in 2 separate panels, then joined at the shoulders. The bottom / neck rib and button band are worked after the panels are sewn. Ch-1 and ch-2 at beg of row / round do not count as st. Blocking, especially fans, is fundamental to this project.

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#3 Ridgeway Free Sweater Crochet Pattern

This sweater is called The Ridgeway Sweater because of its ribbed and textured design. I wanted to design a quick and easy off shoulder sweater for a long time, so when Furls Crochet contacted me I knew it was the right time. I hope you enjoy this pattern as much as I have designed it.
Hello, my name is Miranda from Crazy4CrochetMomma and I have been crocheting since I was 10 years old, taught by my grandmother because she really wanted to learn. I did it again when I wanted to make beautiful creations for my firstborn. If you have been to any of my social media platforms, you will notice that I am a huge fan of color. I can’t help but share all the colors. They really brighten the mood.

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#4 Verbena Free Sweater Crochet Pattern

Verbena is a very aromatic plant with tiny flowers and very common in Portuguese gardens. Makes the tastiest tea, perfect for sharing on these late summer or early fall evenings. Verbena also means night meeting, or small night party, here in Portugal. And I find this to be the perfect garment to wear over your summer clothes and keep dancing at night. Verbena, a lightweight cardigan, knitted from a blend of organic cotton and wool, my favorite combination to keep you warm and comfortable in this mid-season weather.
It’s knitted seamlessly from top to bottom, with a raglan shape and a panel of cables and laces on the back. On the armhole, the sleeve stitches will be on hold while you continue working the rest of the body of the cardigan. Once you have completed the body, you will collect the stitches for the sleeves and knit the sleeves towards the elbow. The neckband and buttons are woven over gathered stitches along the edges of the cardigan.

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#5 Amager Fælled Free Sweater Crochet Pattern

Amager Fælt (Amager Common) is a beautiful recreational area just a 15-minute drive from central Copenhagen. Here you will find meadows and forests, as well as a rich and complex fauna. As you stroll through the commons, you can enjoy the beautiful chirping of the birds and the humming of the insects, while still having the Copenhagen skyline in view and the feeling of a busy city in the distance.
Here Amager Fælled has been transformed into a short, chunky sweater with large cables on the back and front and voluminous sleeves. The sweater is knitted in two different threads, which are worked in different combinations. The sleeves are in the form of oversized balloon sleeves with an additional puff on top, which are woven in a cloud of pure mohair and silk.

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#6 Holmen Free Sweater Crochet Pattern

Main colour: 250 (250) 300 (350) 400 (450) 450 g
Pernilla by Filcolana in colour 957 (Very Light Grey)
and 125 (125) 125 (150) 175 (200) 200 g Tilia by
Filcolana in colour 101 (Natural White)
Contrast colour: 25 (25) 25 (50) 50 (50) 50 g. Tilia
by Filcolana in colour 331 (Steel)
4,5 mm circular needle, 40 and 80 or 100 cm
5 mm circular needle, 80 or 100 cm
4,5 mm and 5 mm double-pointed needles
Stitch markers
XS (S) M (L) XL (XXL)

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#7 Christianshavn Free Sweater Crochet Pattern

Christianshavn is a classic striped sweater in a new, Scandinavian design.
Named after the Christianshavn district of Copenhagen, which got its name from the king himself in 1692. The district was built on the shallow water off the coast of Amager. Here the ships could dock in the port.
The sweater is reminiscent of the classic sailor and worker sweaters of that time.

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#8 Copenhagen Dreaming Free Sweater Crochet Pattern

This sweater gives new expression to the feeling of coming home to “my Copenhagen”. Home to the red brick facades along Nørrebrogade towards Røde Plads (Red Square). The feminine sleeves and the beautiful raglan slants are the perfect combination for everyday wear and festivities.

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#9 Borgen Free Sweater Crochet Pattern

Christiansborg Palace, centrally located in Copenhagen on the island of Slotsholmen, houses the Parliament, the Supreme Court and the State Ministry. An imposing building that burned down and was rebuilt more than once. Even if the building is seen by many as a center of power, there is also a feeling that it belongs to the people. You can walk through the grounds of the castle via the Reiterbahn, past the stables, eat in the tower restaurant or just enjoy the view. Lately, granite blocks have encompassed the Schlossplatz as a safeguard against terrorism – a nice addition that can be found as a pattern on the lower torso of the sweater.

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#10 Børsen Free Sweater Crochet Pattern

One of the most famous spiers in Copenhagen is certainly the kite top of the old stock exchange (Børsen). The tip consists of four kite tails that are twisted into one another. Unlike many of the city’s other spiers, which are made of copper, this is a lead-clad wooden structure. Allegedly the building would be protected from “enemy attacks and fire” and in fact it survived several fires in surrounding buildings unscathed.
The designer decided on the gray color of the lead as the main color and gives the yoke and the cuffs that glittering something.

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