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Pretty Baby FREE Crochet Booties images for Find Your Favorite Booties for Your Baby

I started playing with my crochet rain boots pattern and adapted it to these pretty little lapel shoes! Enjoy the model and follow my instructions on starting, finishing and participation points, as it is different from the rain boot model!

Here are some beautiful and simple baby shoes. They look complicated, but they are not. The shoes are flattened simply by hooking in both directions. Then they are sewn. This requires less than half of a Red Heart Chic Sheep string ball in green and only a few feet in white.

Always start your turns at the same point as your chain.

In turns 2-5, finish your turns at the same point as your chain. Technically, add one extra point each turn. I have found that it helps to keep healing flatter.

When it comes to crochet baby shoes, a pattern is never enough. With this collection, 11 tutorials on crochet: How to crochet baby booties, you have many nice and fun options to crochet. Whether you’re looking for a pair of crochet sandals or warmer shoes, you’ll find simple crochet patterns to keep you busy.

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