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My very first common crochet pattern here on the blog was an infinity scarf really simple and simple. (You can check the free sample here). Last week, I unpacked a hat Chunky Basic! I had a skein of the same type of thread that I used for infinity – enough for a hat!

The napkins I made endlessly were an excellent seller when I sell my items, and I can see that these caps are ideal for sale, gift or just to make you happy! It is stocky, comfortable and can be made in the color of your choice! Add a pom pom or embellishment to make it yours, or just keep it simple and enjoyable. 😉

I put a fake pom pom pom on mine because I was waiting to use it for the first time! Do not do anything against my Pom Pom in the wind – it was a windy day!
This collection of crochet patterns includes 11 hats and hats perfect for fall and winter. I listed these 11 specific crochet patterns when I asked my crochet designer friends, one of the best in the market, to give me their most popular and popular hat or hat crochet patterns. I think they all deserve a medal for these incredible designs.

11 styles of free crochet hats the most popular

All these crochet patterns are free and easily accessible by clicking on the name of the hat that will take you directly to the crochet pattern you want to see.

I like all these models and I would like to have time to hook them all. Fortunately, I already have one, which is my favorite crocheted hat that was part of a hook.

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