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Stylish and Easy FREE Crochet Gloves with fingers pattern images for 2019

Fingerless gloves are trendy this fall and winter, even if they do not warm the fingers. They are more a fashion statement than a winter accessory. We have 47 incredible fingerless crochet gloves that you can work on and join this new sensation. The ordinary crochet gloves are so good last year, so go without fingers and you will not regret it. You can also wear these classy gloves indoors without making your palms sweat. Whether you make fingerless gloves for children or for an adult hook, the models in this collection can make you fear the cold, so you have more reason to break them.

There are two types of gloves without hook fingers: elbow length and wrist length. Choose the style that’s right for you, or think it’s best for your style preferences. If you live somewhere in winter, where temperatures below zero degrees are not normal, hook cuffs are the way to go. You can even refurbish a fingerless mitten hook pattern as a gift for a friend or family member. If you have a long list of Christmas gifts, wear a pair of fingerless gloves and maybe a matching scarf. Your lover will wear an everyday garment.
These gloves without fingers are so easy that you can make a pair in less than an hour! Perfect for fall, winter and cool spring days. They also make an excellent gift!

This crochet project is part of the “Hook Kit that never happened”, which you can read here. In short, I wrote the motive almost 4 years ago for a hook game published and sold in stores, but the retailer never took it back and now I get the pattern for free! Yay!

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