12 Summer and Free Crochet Top Patterns and Ideas

#1 Hey June Free Top Crochet Pattern

Well, I love cropped tops and today I would like to share this free casual crochet pattern. It’s so hot this summer that I chose the cropped version, but you can easily crochet it in any length. This is the perfect length for the beach or night walks. It can also be worn with a high-waisted skirt and cardigan. I think it will be a great addition to your fall wardrobe.
For a beginner this pattern may seem challenging but I can assure you that it is suitable for beginners.
The lid is made up of two identical square panels that move very quickly.
Once it’s sewn, the sleeve ruffles are added. (Optional)
It can be easily adjusted to size, follow the instructions on the pattern to make your CALIBER SAMPLE, once you measure the length of your sample you will be able to determine how wide your panels should be and how long your initial chain will be

Download Pattern


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