13+ Free Amigurumi Crochet Doll Pattern and Design ideas

#1 Pinocchio Amigurumi Free Pattern

Start knitting according to the model you will design. Continue to shape the toy using the stitch increment and decrement method. After taking the shape you want, put fiber in it and make the necessary decorations. The art of making various toys with knitting needles and frequent needle technique is called ‘amigurumi’. The word, originating in Japanese, is a combination of the words Ami (knitted) and nuigirimi (stuffed toy). Amigurumi can be made with almost any type of rope, but it will be better if the thread you use is not too thin and it is a wool that will not feather over time. Lint, cotton wool for babies is ideal for amigurumi. In addition, knitting with a rope that does not break easily will extend the life of your toy.

First of all, hello everyone. First, I will share the pinocchio pattern. As you know, pinocchio is one of the best known fairy tale characters. It is quite difficult to create its pattern. It is difficult to knit because it has so many details. In particular, knitting the details in your clothes will make you busy. For this, I share this beautiful amigurumi pinocchio pattern with you. Just click on the link to go to the pattern.

Yarnart Jeans / Flesh-Color (Color code 73)
Yarnart Jeans / White (Color code 01)
Yarnart Jeans / Yellow (Color code 67)
Yarnart Jeans / Red (Color code 26)
Yarnart Jeans / Blue (Color code 15)
Yarnart Jeans / Brown (Color code 71)
Nako Felt Black Siyah (Color code 217)
7×10 mm Flat Safety Eye (Black)

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