12 Lovely Crochet Bag Craft Pattern Ideas and Designs

#3 Mar Bag Free Pattern

If you need to carry more than just your yoga mat, this free pattern may be just what you’re looking for. The large bag has an inside hanging pocket so you can keep everything in the right place. The handles extend to create a sling for your yoga mat, so that it sits just below the bag. This free yoga mat bag pattern has many extras, including an outer pocket and a pocket near the top for tucking in the laces. The tutorial shows you how to make the bag a solid color or multiple colors to give it a messier look.

The Mar bag was originally born from the first crochet exchange we participated in. The friend who received Isa’s gift wrote among her likes that she loved the sea (‘mar’ in Spanish) and the color blue (she is also called María del Mar). From that inspiration, the Mar bag was born, which becomes the perfect accessory for summer, a bag with the perfect size both for going to the beach and for walking around the city / town.
The bag is crocheted in a spiral shape (so no chains are made at the beginning of the rounds) in one piece to which the braided handles are then attached.

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