12 Best and Free Amigurumi Crochet Pattern Ideas for This Year!

#1 Winnie The Pooh Amigurumi Free Pattern

Amigurumi toys, which can be easily made by anyone with a little skill in handcrafts, although it may seem like a very difficult and difficult thing, reveals the necessity of keeping certain materials at home, unlike ordinary toy productions. If you want to make something yourself at home instead of buying toys for your child from outside, you should have the following materials for making amigurumi toys:

Winnie the pooh is one of the teddy bear characters we all love so much, I know. I can say one of the most beautiful amigurumi teddy bear patterns I have ever seen in my life.
Materials Used

Colour A: Cygnet Yarns Chenille Chunky, Honeydew
Colour B: James C Brett Flutterby Chunky, Red
Colour C: James C Brett Flutterby Chunky, Black

Crochet hook: 4mm

Toy stuffing

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#2 Teddy Bear Amigurumi Free Pattern

I continue to share cute teddy bear patterns lately. This is a wonderful velvet teddy bear amigurumi pattern you see. Completely free

Materials & Tools

•Himalaya dolphin baby yarn of the main colour (1 skein)
•Alize softy plus yarn of the additional colour for the muzzle and feet
•4mm crochet hook
•Black or brown thread for face decoration
•14mm safety eyes
•20*15mm safety nose
•Long needle for sculpting the muzzle
•Needle for plush yarn

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#3 Little Bunny Amigurumi Free Pattern

We continue where we left off with our velvet amigurumi. First of all, we shared a month. Now there is a very cool rabbit pattern next.

1. Any plush yarn, I have YarnArt Dolce 761 color (less hank).
2. Hook 4,5 and 9 (for ears).
3. Yarn for spout embroidery. I have YarnArt Jeans.
4. Eyes on a secure mount or tidal 0.9 – 1 cm.
5. Filler. I have synthetic fluff.

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#4 Pluto Amigurumi Free Pattern

I’m really happy to share this awesome baby pluto amigurumi pattern today. I know that today I concentrate on cartoon characters a little. I hope you will like it.

Materials used:

Colour A: Cygnet yarns chenille chunky, honeydew
Colour B: James c brett flutterby chunky, pink
Colour C: James c brett flutterby chunky, black
Colour D: James c brett flutterby chunky, white
Colour E: Rico ricorumi DK, black

Crochet hook: 4mm for chenille yarn
2.5mm for DK yarn
Toy stuffing

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#5 Sweet Tiger Amigurumi Free Pattern

Today we share with you the tiger, one of the winnie the pooh characters. A pattern created entirely using velvet rope.

(You’ll need 2 balls of the Mustard yarn)
Colour A: Cygnet Yarns Chenille Chucky, Mustard
Colour B: James C Brett Fultterby Chunky, Oatmeal
Colour C: James C Brett Flutterby Chunky, Black
Colour D: James C Brett Fultterby Chunky, Rose
Crochet Hook size: 4mm
Toy Stuffing
Stitch marker

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#6 Big Ear Bunny Amigurumi Free Pattern

Amigurumi rabbits are usually designed to be simple, but this amigurumi pattern I shared may be an option for more experts.

Yarn Alize cotton gold tweed – basic, Alize Bell – jumpsuit and frill.
Filler – holofiber, glass eyes on metal / hairpin, oil pastels for tinting.

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#7 Plush Cat Amigurumi Free Pattern

I am sure you will think of this recipe when it comes to cat. Isn’t it so cute?


-Color A – plush yarn of Himalaya Dolphin baby (No:80333) 1 skein (120m (131yd) – 100g)
-Plastic Eyes (2 pieces)
-Sewing threads for sewing parts
-Black threads for embroidering of the muzzle
-Fiberfill for filling toys (100g)

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#8 Plush Bunny Amigurumi Free Pattern

Plush rabbits are a highly preferred amigurumi model. While knitting, it does not make you bother and does not have a detailed pattern. That’s why you can knit more easily.

1 skein of plush yarn (Yarnart Dolce or Himalaya Dolphin Baby or Bernat)
4mm crochet hook and 6mm crochet hook for ears!!!!!
10mm safety eyes and 10mm*11mm safety nose.
soft stuffing
thing long needle and needle with a large eyelet, scissors.

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#9 Mr Cookie Teddy Bear Amigurumi Free Pattern

I recently shared the pattern of the wife of this cute teddy bear. Today I am sharing the male version. I hope you will like it.

Yarnart Jeans / Milky brown (Color code 07)
Yarnart Jeans / Blue (Color code 33)
Yarnart Jeans / Cream (Color code 03)
Yarnart Jeans / Yellow (Color code 67)
1 cm White Button (2 pcs)
8mm Safety Eye (Black)
For embroidery: Black thread Felting needle
Size 2.5mm or 3mm crochet hook

Download Pattern


#10 Bumbble Bunny Amigurumi Free Pattern

A very cheerful amigurumi bunny couple. I am happy to share the pattern with you 🙂

Kartopu Amigurumi / Brown (Color code K855)
Kartopu Amigurumi / Blue (Color code K544)
Kartopu Amigurumi / White (Color code K010)
Kartopu Amigurumi / Purple  (Color code K1709)
Kartopu Amigurumi / Green (Color code K507)
1 cm White Button (5 pcs)
7×10 mm Safety Eye (Black)
For embroidery: Black and white thread
Tong Fastener Pink / Blue (2 pcs)
Size 2.5mm or 3mm crochet hook

Download Pattern


#11 Lamb Sheep Muffin Amigurumi Free Pattern

Today, I will share with you an unusual amigurumi lamb recipe. I hope you will like it.

Alize Cotton Gold / Beige (Color code 67)
Alize Cotton Gold / Cream (Color code 62)
Yarnart Jeans/ Blue (Color code 75)
Yarnart Jeans/ Pink (Color code 18)
6mm Safety Eye (Black)
1 cm Wood Button (2 piece)
Decorative Button (1 piece)
For embroidery: Black thread
Size 2mm or 2.5mm crochet hook
Stitch Marker

Download Pattern


#12 Ganesha Elephant Amigurumi Free Pattern

I can say the cutest elephant amigurumi pattern I have ever seen in my life. I really admired the color and the motifs on it.

Download Pattern


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