17 Astonishing Free Crochet Flower Pattern Ideas and Design

#1 Five Petal Textured Flower free pattern

One of my favorite things when I started crochet was crochet flowers. They were fast, easy, and gave me the chance to try different techniques in bite-sized patterns. If you don’t see the picture you came from, it may be because I updated this post! This was one of my favorite posts, but some patterns were no longer available. That’s why I updated it with so many more free crochet floral patterns, new images, and better written patterns you’ll love! Note: All these patterns and images belong to their original owners (linked). I did not create these; I just wanted to share your beautiful work!

I love crocheting flowers … they are so pretty and gorgeous to decorate or wear as is and of course the fact that they work quite fast. They are great for using the whole stash of yarn.
You can put them on almost anything … Use them to customize your Hats … Bags … Rugs … Placemats … join them and make a blanket … the ideas are endless !!!

Used materials:-
Combed yarn
4mm crochet hook

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#2 Flower free pattern

Square motifs are the simplest pattern. They are quick to prepare. You can make them in any size with a pattern. You can join them and weave them into any project you choose… blankets, pillowcases, placemats, tablecloths, rugs, coasters… the ideas are limitless.
Today I share the pattern of this pretty and quick square picot flower motif. You can use this motif to create a totally new project or use it as an applique for your finished project or they would also make great coasters for your mugs!

This motif measures 4 inches. If you want to make them bigger, repeat the last round until you reach the required size.

Used materials:-
Cotton knitting yarn (gray, purple and green)

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#3 Candle Flower free pattern

I can’t believe it’s almost June! With all this quarantine, it didn’t feel like spring at all and here we are, it’s almost summer! I love changing the decor to match the season and these sweet flower candle holders are perfect!
Not that I necessarily think candles need coasters because my main reason for making them was because I wanted to add a bit of pizzazz (I googled it and that’s how you spell it) to my candle decoration. However, when your candles start to burn, they get a little hot on their surfaces and this is the perfect remedy. Elegant and functional, my favorite combination!

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#4 African Flower free pattern

Use this African flower variation motif to create blankets of any size. Included is the Half Hex African flower variant that is used to fill in the sides of a blanket to make a straight edge. The ends of the blanket will have stitches.
Many different stitches and techniques are used to make this motif, including high crochet, long double crochet, and invisible seam.

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#5 Face Scrubbies Flower free pattern

Go green and pop some leftovers with these little flower face scrubs! Crocheted with less than 10 yards of cotton yarn, you can finish a wash in 10-15 minutes. They are crocheted in the round using basic basic stitches and a feature of scalloped “petals” made from shell stitches.
I love using mine to apply toner and make-up removal, but you can use your floral facial scrubs to replace cotton balls and facial rounds in almost any job.

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#6 Christmas Ornament Flower free pattern

A quick and easy Christmas ornament that’s great to use up some scrap yarn. This is very reminiscent of a Poinsettia flower.

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#7 Poppy Brooch Flower free pattern

Wearing a red poppy before Armistice Day has become an important gesture for many, and now you can knit your own and wear it with pride. Designed by Irene Strange, this symbolic flower could also be adapted and added to a local poppy wreath or display. Read the instructions carefully before you begin to make sure you are clear on when to work on front or rear loops.

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#8 Layered Flower free pattern

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#9 Treble Coaster Flower free pattern

Improving the beginner.

Make to sell:
You can make these coasters to sell, either for charity or for personal gain if you are a small-scale craftsman. All I ask is that you place the following text credit, either on your online listing or on a small sheet of paper with the finished item: Design by

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#10 Tropical Flower free pattern

Bright colors and lots of texture make this tropical flower clip the perfect pattern to weave into any little girls hair accessory collection.

This crochet pattern is available for free on my website or you can download it here as a print-optimized, ad-free PDF for your convenience.


Materials needed:
18-20 yards of crochet yarn No. 10 from Aunt Lydia in 3 or 4 colors. I suggest Aqua, Bright Coral, White and Light Peach
1.4mm steel hook
Thread needle
(Optional) String 33 cm long x 5 cm wide
1 1/4 “alligator hair clip, 1 1/4” hair clip or 50mm bobby pins with pad
Backing felt
Hot glue gun or needle and thread to sew a flower to a hair clip or hairpin
Starch solution

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#11 Autumn Gerbera Flower free pattern

Scraps of yarn in up to three different colors and a hook
size suitable for your choice of yarn. I used a cotton
fingering weight yarn (Scheepjes Catona) and a 2,5
mm hook. Feel free to experiment with different yarns
and hook sizes.
Abbreviations = Standard US crochet terms:
ch = chain
st = stitch
slst = slip stitch
sc = single crochet
hdc = half double crochet
dc = double crochet
FL = front loop
BL = back loop
Rnd = round

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#12 Sunflower Wand Flower free pattern

Knit a cheerful sunflower! The center is made of puff stitches. It has all the anatomy of a perfect sunflower, including sunny petals, a receptacle, stems, and leaves!

You can turn this pattern into a fun wand of flowers to wave and bring lots of joy or just use the sunflower heads as motifs that make great home decor.

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#13 Carnation Flower free pattern

Ohio adopted its official state flower, the red carnation, in 1904. The state legislature chose the red carnation in honor of President William McKinley, an Ohio citizen, who was assassinated in 1901. McKinley liked to wear red carnations taped to the buttonhole on the lapel of his jacket.
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The video will be uploaded on September 20. Then I will update the link.

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#14 Ragwort Flower free pattern

These large, colorful crochet flowers work fast and are perfect to add as embellishments to your projects. You can add a pin on the back of the flower to make a brooch for a special gift. One would be beautiful attached to a summer hat for a boy! String together a few flowers to create a cheerful floral bunting … these appliques are perfect for many projects, including yarn bombing.
The added texture of the popcorn stitches makes this large crochet flower pattern very special.

Each flower is 4 inches 10 cm wide on the DK weight yarn used

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#15 Large Yarn Bombing Flower free pattern

This is a fairly stiff flower intended to hold its shape. It is 9 inches wide. I created this pattern for the flowers to be used to attach to a fence for decorating (yarn bombardment).

I used Super Saver yarn because it will withstand the elements better. You don’t want to wear anything too soft.

Made with cotton thread, it would make a good trivet for hot dishes.

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#16 Crochet Pansy Flower free pattern

I have given the written instructions for the thought marker. This
pattern contains steps to make pansy flower, leaves
and the stem of the pansy flower. I decorated the bookmark with a
purple tassel. You can also make a thought keychain with this pattern. A
Pair of thought earrings is also an option. The length of the marker is 22
cm, the diameter of the flower is 6 cm.

Will need:
1) embroidery thread (yellow, brown, purple, green)
2) Crochet hook size 1.75mm
3) Yarn needle for knitting ends
4) I have used setting hair spray to harden the marker

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#17 Blossom Coaster Flower free pattern

Carolyn Calderon Flower Coaster

Flower Blossom Coasters is a small project with a lot of impact. This coaster contains basic stitches that include a fun edging. If you have a lot of yarn hidden these are perfect to wear some of that.

I used about 22 yards for this pattern.
Written in American terminology. Check the patterns website for more information.

Thank you for your interest in my designs.
Have a great day,

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