17 Astonishing Free Crochet Flower Pattern Ideas and Design

#3 Candle Flower free pattern

One of my favorite things when I started crochet was crochet flowers. They were fast, easy, and gave me the chance to try different techniques in bite-sized patterns. If you don’t see the picture you came from, it may be because I updated this post! This was one of my favorite posts, but some patterns were no longer available. That’s why I updated it with so many more free crochet floral patterns, new images, and better written patterns you’ll love! Note: All these patterns and images belong to their original owners (linked). I did not create these; I just wanted to share your beautiful work!

I can’t believe it’s almost June! With all this quarantine, it didn’t feel like spring at all and here we are, it’s almost summer! I love changing the decor to match the season and these sweet flower candle holders are perfect!
Not that I necessarily think candles need coasters because my main reason for making them was because I wanted to add a bit of pizzazz (I googled it and that’s how you spell it) to my candle decoration. However, when your candles start to burn, they get a little hot on their surfaces and this is the perfect remedy. Elegant and functional, my favorite combination!

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