10 Cue Crochet Dresses Pattern Ideas For This Year!

#1 Natural Beauty Dress Crochet Pattern

I crochet for about four years before I took the courage to try making a crochet dress. I was worried that I was talented enough, I was worried about wasting all that time to do it and it didn’t fit well, and I was also worried about not liking it enough to do and wear it. I started trying on crochet dress a few years ago and I must say I’m totally addicted. Give me a few years and I think most of my wardrobe will be handmade crochet clothes. How awesome will that be? If you’re keen to knit your own dresses, here are a few designs I’ve bookmarked in my Etsy account. Just a warning, most of these are pretty complicated (I like a challenge!) So if you want something manageable, try my tee dress pattern.

The lace crochet pattern stitches are delightfully combined for a fabulous dress that is versatile enough to wear to a wedding and spirit-free enough to wear to the beach. We have included a variety of sizes for this flattering beauty.
Instructions are for small / medium size. Changes for Large, X-Large, 2X-Large / 3X-Large sizes are in parentheses.
To fit bust: 34-38 (39-43, 44-48, 49-53) “86.5-96.5 (99-109, 112-122, 124.5-134.5) cm
Finished Bust: 36 (41, 46½, 51½) “91.5 (104, 118, 131) cm, unstretched
Finished length: 33 (33¼, 33½, 33¾) ”84 (84.5, 85, 85.5) cm

CALIBER: 3 repetitions of stitch patterns = 4 ”10 cm; 8 rows = 4 ”10 cm in yoke pattern, unstretched. 7 repeats of stitch patterns = 9 ”23 cm; 8 rows = 4 ”10 cm in body pattern, unstretched. 22 sts = 4 ”10 cm in single crochets.

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