11 Wonderful Crochet Blanket Pattern Ideas and Designs

#1 Moxie Block Blanket Free Crochet Pattern

Some of the most popular crochet blanket designs are stripe designs, and a favorite variation of this is chevron stripes. This free pattern shows off that classic design in bright, bold colors. It’s called the Joyful Rippling Blanket, and you’ll experience that joy as soon as you start working on it. This is a project designed for fun! Crochet blankets are a popular choice for sewers because of how versatile they are. They can be made in any stitch pattern, in any thread weight, in almost any size. All crocheted blankets will keep you and your loved ones comfortable, making you feel good both while making them and when wearing them. The 15 crochet blanket patterns here show the variety and possibility inherent in this type of project.

When I was designing this blanket, I wanted to create a bold, color-block look. Something clean, easy to build, and full of texture. Something that would work in both modern and traditional settings with an advantage. Instead of the traditional squares, I set out to create a shape that was less square and more lively. By choosing stitches that worked in different widths, I was able to create a look that has some shape, without the hassle of increasing, decreasing, or sewing a lot.

This blanket has a beautiful texture and would work well in very muted tones to blend in or can get off the couch with bolder color options. Either way, it’s full of moxie and so easy to make and finish.

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