10 Quick And Easy FREE Crochet Blanket Patterns For Beauty Homes!

#1 Bauhaus Blanket Free Crochet Pattern

Take crochet striped blankets to the next level with this beautiful drawer rack-inspired design. Rickrack shapes are created using various cluster stitches. This crochet blanket is colorful and contains lots of fun stitches, so crochet is a real joy. This blanket makes a great baby shower gift. One of the most beautiful crochet blanket designs is this one made from textural crochet roses. Playing with colors will add your perspective on this unique design. Create them all in one color, in Valentine-inspired colors as shown in the original design, or in a whole sea of different colors of amigurumi.

The Bauhaus was an art school in Germany that combined fine arts with craftsmanship. The Bauhaus’ style and design principles are based on a minimalist approach that features clean lines with bold and simple coloration.

The clean lines of this blanket deceive the eye with its interrupted diagonals and squares of different sizes. Using only simple knitting techniques and two colors, the blanket consists of 63 mitred squares in two sizes: 10cm/4″ and 20cm/8″. The whole is bordered by a deep border. The league stitch makes it a hot blanket.

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