11+ Cute and Amazing Amigurumi Doll Crochet Pattern Ideas

#2 Fairy pui Amigurumi Free Pattern

Amigurumi is a toy art made using knitting crochet and tight needle technique. Amigurumi, which is described as the art of making toys in Japanese, is one of the toys that is increasingly popular worldwide. These toys, which are completely handcrafted, are also very popular because they eliminate the possibility of the toys breaking off.

Hello everyone, friends, I brought you the recipe of the Little Angel Amigurumi Doll pattern as the new year is coming. To create this free amigurumi pattern, you need to take a look at the pattern on our site. On our site where we share free amigurumi patterns, there is an amigurumi pattern how-to guide for beginners to learn easy. We are happy to share the free amigurumi patterns with our valuable followers.

Sport weight cotton or cotton blend yarn
8 mm safety eyes (blue)
The finished toy will be 18 cm tall if you use
Similar items.
Tapestry needle
2.5mm or a hook that fits your yarn

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