17 Stylish Crochet Cardigan Patterns and Ideas

#12 Basic Everyday Cardigan Free Pattern

Who doesn’t love a good cardigan? Make your own with one of these free crochet cardigan patterns and you can have one for any season and occasion! These open-topped sweaters are a wardrobe staple as they can easily be worn with any outfit and add the right amount of warmth no matter what time of the year. And with so many patterns to choose from, you can be sure to find a style to suit yourself, a friend or a family member. This delicate cardigan from Talia Crochet Creations is a simple yet beautiful way to stay away from the cold. Embroidered from top to bottom and the back loop has a slightly lacy look and beautiful veil with crochet only. The contrasting band on the sleeves and hem adds a great pop of color and you’ll probably want to try a few combinations! Best of all, this free pattern comes in sizes XS-5X.

First, we will start with the front panels. We start working the ribbed hem, then we start knitting along the long edge of our ribbed hem. After a few rows, we will give some shape and finally we will finish. Both front panels are identical. Once we’ve completed our front panel, we start working on the back panel. Starting with the ribbed hem, then working along the long edge, we knit until we reach a certain height. Both sleeves are worked in the same way starting with the ribbed cuff and working your way along the long edge where we eventually increase a bit.

Once all the pieces are crocheted we sew them together with a thread needle, then begin the ribbing along the inside edge of the cardigan.

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