8 Amazing and Cute Amigurumi patterns design Contest and Ideas

#1 Mini pig Free Amigurumi Crochet Pattern

When you see amigurumi recipes in various sources on the internet, in magazines, you may think that these are texts written in Chinese or encrypted, if you do not know. So how are these recipes solved, how are they understood? HOBIUM has prepared a good explanation for this. Accordingly, amigurumi recipes are explained in 3 main ways: 1. Text – 2. Scheme – 3. Table. Amigurumi recipes on our site are often given in text. Therefore, let’s focus on this mainly:

I really liked the details of this little piggy. Even the folds in the ears look so good. This is a very long study and an example of experience. As you can see, small decorations were made in different colors. It can be decorated with tiny ties. Or you can use a button on your body.
You can add difference. The eyes are made of buttons, and the amigurumi is made with eyebrows and a rope. In fact, even if it seems simple, I thought it was very realistic. A very cartoon film adds to the atmosphere. I especially liked his nose.
The different color on the nose made the design very realistic. Don’t worry about the lump in your nose. I’ll share this with you in the pattern. The “Himalaya Dolphin Baby” rope is used in this soft amigurumi. As you know, it is already a very popular brand of yarn.
In addition, a 4 mm hook is used. After completing the amigurumi, its size will be 17cm. It’s a very large size.

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