Amazing and Easy Amigurumi Pattern Images and Crochet Animals 2019

#1 Sweet giraffe Free Amigurumi Crochet Pattern

Crochet is often used for amigurumi. Therefore, to knit amigurumi, crochet, woolen thread, scissors, bead fiber to fill inside, buttons and beads to make the eyes and various ornaments, dry pastel or blush to color the face in baby girls. These are our primary materials. How to crochet to knit amigurumi, it is necessary to know. As we said, you need to master the frequent needle technique. If you want to knit an amigurumi, you should study this first. If you do not know how to make a chain, frequent needle and handrail, it is impossible to knit amigurumi. Then please take a look at our little tutorials where we have explained them one by one in a video:

First of all, I would like to thank Yulia Kravchenko who designed this amigurumi. In this article I will share a pattern of a beautiful amigurumi giraffe. When you see the picture, I seem to hear why you say the neck isn’t long like a giraffe.
It is not possible to make a long neck, as friends have prepared such toys using the rope. Instead of making his neck long, a rather nice piece appeared when he worked on the details.
Ears nose horns and flower on the head. It was a nice amigurumi. When choosing colors, I recommend that you use yellow and giraffe tones on your body. If you are going to use different colors, I recommend that you think in terms of harmony.
If the color match isn’t beautiful, the friends don’t look good. I also liked the outfit prepared in it. I hope you liked it too. Yarnart ideal yarn was used for its construction. 2.5 mm hooks are also used.

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