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11 Beautiful Crochet Tops Patterns for Ladies

#1 Hearthstone Free Top Crochet Pattern

All these crochet top patterns are gorgeous and extraordinary that will not only complement your outfits, but will also enhance your personality and give you a diva-style look. The crochet top is the most stylish and modern worn fabric, whether you crochet it in summer or for cold winters. Light crochet tops, tanks, shells, and thin layers are trendy and demanding today and will make you famous all summer and spring. Since it’s time to carry weapons, it’s time to show off your crochet skills and inner skills by holding and working with crochet hooks. So, expand your summer wardrobe with beautiful and stunning handmade crochet top patterns that will hit you this summer. It will be a fun way to show your love and talent for craftsmanship. That’s why I’ve created a set of free crochet top patterns for this season.

In the cold of winter, nothing beats sitting by the fireplace on a snowy and windy day, wearing your new favorite crochet top.

The upper part is worked from the bottom up. The front and back are worked separately and then sewn. 2-color mosaic crochet is used for the lower part of the body. The mesh stitch is used for the upper body. Use short rows to create the sloped drop shoulder.

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