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10 Crochet Cute Bags, Beach Bag, and Handbag Patterns

#3 Mermaid Games Clutch Free Bag Crochet Pattern

Crochet bags can be as small as a simple clutch to carry your essentials or as large as a grocery bag to carry your groceries. These nine creative crochet patterns run a wide range from a small purse to a large beach bag, and offer plenty of options for sizes in between. With these crochet bags, you can make new accessories suitable for your wardrobe every season of the year. Crochet bags make great personalized gifts for your bridesmaids and this is the perfect pattern to make them. This floral drawstring pouch can be used even after your big day and doesn’t require any extra hardware or construction knowledge. It has a nice textured spiral design that adds extra vitality to the outside.

I love handbags! I love video games! So I designed a bag that can be a cute tote bag OR an adorable carrying case for your Nintendo Switch!
This bag has a front lace panel that uses an easy 2-row repeat combined with a simple hdc lining. The hdc lining creates a bit of extra padding if you use it as a switch box, and it also gives the bag a bit more structure.
For this pattern, I used 4 medium weight acrylic yarn for strength and washability. I specifically used Red Heart Super Saver in Polo Stripes and Soft white colourways, and Big Twist Value Yarn in Lilac and Damson Purple colourways.

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