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11 Easy, Modern Four Season FREE Crochet Shawl Pattern Images for 2019

#1 Simple Things Shawl Free Crochet Pattern

The crochet shawl is the perfect product for all seasons of the year. An openwork shawl can be an ideal swimsuit cover in the summer, while an oversized shawl can keep your neck warm even on the coldest days of winter. There are many different ways to crochet a shawl, including different styling options such as triangle shawls and rectangular shawls. These 10 free crochet shawl patterns will help you explore all the ways to warm up with wraps. Here is a free crochet pattern for a unique colorful triangle shawl that you can now make using your yarn. This stashbuster project offers a great way to practice packaging without having to buy new materials. Most people have a wide range of colors in their yarn store, so this free crochet pattern provides a great way to make a shawl with many shades of the rainbow. It is definitely a fun and easy crochet pattern that serves as a great starting point for shawl crochet.

Simple Things reflects my love for a simple life, surrounded by family, nature, good books and the smell of baking bread in the oven. The semicircular shape of the shawl allows the simple lace pattern, and the gradation of natural-dyed colors to wave like soft music. The progression of colors and stitches will keep you knitting in!

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