New and Amazing Amigurumi Crochet Pattern Design Ideas and Images

#10 Plush bunny big floppy Amigurumi Free Pattern

Let’s get to the amigurumi; It is a toy adaptation of the tight needle technique, which is well known by knitters, derived from the words Ami (made with crochet or needle) and nuigurumi (stuffed toy) of Japanese origin. Amigurumi is an easy-to-learn and decorative, cute and enjoyable hobby. However, since the schemes (“patterns”) and techniques are prepared according to foreign terminology, it is quite common to have difficulty at the beginner level. Since it is very difficult to find a source that is prepared in Turkish with everything, we have mentioned this issue for you …

I know I have shared too many amigurumi bunny patterns. But there are really beautiful models. This amigurumi pattern is one of them. Many thanks to @plus_toys_poly who prepared this pattern. I suggest you follow the Instagram page.
It has very valuable shares. So what’s in this bunny pattern? The most important criterion for me is that it is luxurious. I really like stuffed amigurumis. I also liked the fact that his ears were big. Big eared rabbits are very noticeable.
45cm tall with ears. After completion, you can knit the dress if you want. I have shared some models in this way as an example for you. I hope you like it.

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