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Super FREE Chunky Crochet Pillow Project Ideas for 2019

Heart Stitch Pillow Crochet Pattern

There are very few things that everyone likes. While there are groups of people who have something in common, there are so many different and diverging interests. One universal love is pillows. Make a crochet pillow to snuggle against.
Crochet a set of decorative pillows or even floor pillows for fun or relaxation. These free crochet pillow patterns are very easy to make and you can sew right from your computer screen.
Everyone loves cozy crocheted pillows. They are comfortable, stylish and add personality to every room. Liven up your space with a simple pillow crochet pattern.

Today we will learn how to crochet the heart stitch. A beautiful and puffy stitch that we will use to crochet a pillow. You can also use it to crochet blankets or even bags!

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